When I arrived at Dubspot I was barely able to turn on a turntable, and after six months I am back in Italy and I’ve played some of the most amazing gigs of my life!

Damien Restano, Bologna, Italy

Develop your scratching & beat juggling.

Whatever your genre of choice, Turntablism allows you to set yourself apart from the pack with true technical ability. Learn how to execute scratches, beat juggles, trick mixes, drumming, team routines, and more in any style of music.

The most authentic tools & techniques.

Get hands-on experience using real vinyl records, the legendary Technics’ SL-1200/1210 series turntables. top of the line DJ mixers, and Serato/Traktor, all while learning from some of the world’s best turntablists.

Featured Course

Turntablism Extensive Program

All six levels / 24 sessions

If you can control a turntable, you can control any sound that has ever been recorded. Turntablism will allow students to interact with music on a deeper level and completely reshape songs live rather than simply playing them. The skills you learn in this program will fortify your DJ arsenal.