The Reason class is exciting because it allows me to create personalized tracks and complex mixes that sound fantastic! I can’t wait to get to class each week.

Kimberly Roberts

The hardware studio reborn in software.

Introduced as a software replacement for your hardware studio, Reason has evolved with killer instruments and effects and deep customization options. It’s been the tool of top producers for over a decade, a secret weapon for making big-sounding tracks.

Create as you learn.

Create a body of music as you discover your sound and workflow. Learn technical and creative concepts, then apply them as you create a portfolio of original music and share it with the world.

Featured Course

Reason Producer Certificate Program

All six levels / 48 sessions

Master Reason with our complete program of courses. In addition to achieving a complete overview of the composition process in Reason you will leave with a portfolio of original music as well as a remix entered in an active remix contest and a ReFill ready to share.