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Visual Performance Program

Visual performance has been part of the electronic music scene since the beginning, with VJs mixing video live along with a DJ or live PA, often in synchronization with the music. In the 21st century, visual performance has become an integral part of most electronic music events.

In this program you will explore the role of the visualist and prepare for the challenges you may face in a live show, while learning the basics of performing, producing, and manipulating visual content. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the history of visual performance, referencing the history of the performing arts and expanded cinema.

What’s Included

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  • Visual Performance Level 1: Intro to Performing with Visuals
  • Visual Performance Level 2: Performance-Based Production

About This Program

Develop your creative vision through hands-on practice producing and performing while learning how to use a toolkit of the latest software. Create your own hardware and software setup for live shows. Learn from a variety of visualists and producers who are pushing the medium in new and unexpected directions. Create a recorded mix of visuals and your own music video.


  • 2 levels / 16 sessions
  • 24 hours of hands-on instruction

What You’ll Need

  • A Mac laptop and broadband Internet access
  • Vidvox VDMX
  • A MIDI controller (preferably one with pad triggers)
  • A portable external hard drive (Firewire 800/Thunderbolt/USB3, at least 7200 rpm)