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Maschine Program

The future of production is here. Native Instruments’ Maschine redefines the intersection of hardware and software, performance and production. With Dubspot’s Maschine program for producers and performers, you’ll go from shaking hands with this cutting-edge music platform to making full tracks and performing your music live.

What’s Included

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  • Maschine Level 1: Production Essentials
  • Maschine Level 2: Sampling, Recording, and Effects
  • Maschine Level 3: Advanced Techniques and DAW Integration

About This Program

At Dubspot, you’ll learn to produce and perform music with Maschine by becoming familiar with its hardware and software simultaneously. Maschine’s tactile controls map seamlessly to their software counterparts, unlocking an advanced production environment. The first level takes you step-by-step through producing an entire track, covering the essentials of sequencing, synthesis, and mixing along the way. We start making music from the beginning–even if you’re completely new to Maschine, you’ll be making your own beats and grooves within days.

You’ll learn sampling and recording techniques to add original material into your productions, use advanced automation features and cutting-edge effects for sound design, and explore Massive, a powerful synthesizer that’s included with Maschine. You’ll also discover how plug-in instruments and effects can expand your creative workflow, and how additional hardware instruments and controllers can be integrated into your setup. Finally, you will also learn how to integrate Maschine into a DAW as a plug-in effect or MIDI controller, with examples shown in Ableton Live and Logic Pro.


  • Dubspot’s complete Maschine course load: three levels/12 sessions
  • 33 hours of hands-on instruction
  • Additional instructor-supervised lab hours
  • 24/7 access to Dubspot Online’s Maschine course videos
  • Access to the course videos for one year after course completion


  • Dubspot’s complete Maschine course load: three levels
  • 15-20 hours of high-quality videos
  • 2+ hours of instructor-led chat sessions per week
  • Individualized video and text feedback from instructors
  • Access to the course videos for one year after course completion

What You’ll Need

  • A Mac or PC computer with a web browser and broadband Internet access
  • Native Instruments’ Maschine software + hardware system
  • A DAW such as Ableton Live or Logic that can host Maschine as a plug-in (Optional)

Please note: For Dubspot Online students, these items are required. For Dubspot NYC and LA students, they are recommended. All necessary computers and equipment are available to NYC and LA students in the classroom labs.