I heard some of my kids say it was the best time they have ever had in their lives. I kid you not. It really made a big impression on them.

Ben Herson, Brooklyn Generation School

Explore music.

We believe in opening the doors to musical exploration for young people, providing kids with the tools to express themselves creatively, be adventurous with technology, and build confidence.

Be active and learn.

Learn about music history, culture, and theory from DJing to production, spinning to composition. Get off the couch and start making music!

Featured Course

Hit the Decks: DJing for Kids

Mix, scratch, and DJ with Serato Scratch Live, and complete a recorded mix to take home. Get a taste for DJing by learning the basics of mixing and scratching. Learn essential DJ equipment with hands-on, guided experience, learn to handle, play, and mix records through Serato Scratch Live.