Whether learning the methodology behind DJing or expanding my production skills into the live performance realm, Dubspot and its talented & friendly instructors have been invaluable.

Jeff Derringer, Brooklyn, NY

Music creation and performance, evolved.

Digital technology has blurred the lines between DJing and music production with real-time remixing, sampling, and electronic improvisation. Prepare for today’s musical landscape with a balanced education in both.

A dynamic skill set.

Develop skills using the latest technology to add effects, loop, sample, and collaborate with other artists. Become as fluent in mixing songs as you are in creating your own.

Featured Course

DJ / Producer Ableton Program

72 sessions in 3 to 18 months

This program comprises Dubspot’s entire DJ curriculum and the full, six-level Ableton Live program. Along the way, we’ll also talk about composition and orchestration while you learn to produce original music in Ableton. You will leave the program with a portfolio of original tracks, a remix, ideas for sharing your music, and the DJ skills to become a compelling and well-rounded artist.