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Sound Design w/ Komplete Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of synthesis and sample-based sound design using Native Instruments Komplete 8.

About This Course

Whether it’s techno, house, electro, hip hop or dubstep, synthesizers are the main tool for most of today’s electronic music styles. We will look at the characteristics and building blocks of Native Instruments’ synthesizers and learn how to easily gain access to the sounds we need while composing. All synthesizers have common elements and controls and this workshop will open the doors to a deeper understanding of any instrument of this type.

What You’ll Learn

  • Investigate the nature of sound and learn the common terminology for describing the different  waveforms and timbres
  • Learn the fundamental ideas and differences behind synthesis and sampling
  • Get an overview of Massive, Absynth, FM8 and Reaktor Prism
  • Learn how to navigate the huge factory libraries of NIs synths
  • Quickly modify and adapt presets to better fit your own tracks
  • Get to know the fundamental concepts behind Subtractive, FM, Granular and Physical Modeling Synthesis
  • Learn to hear the sound characteristics and strong points of each method so you can decide what’s best to use for the task at hand