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Maschine Level 1: Production Essentials

Learn the essential functions of Maschine’s hardware and software while creating an original song

About This Course

A great way to learn any program is to write music with it. In this level, you’ll learn the essential functions and workflows of Maschine by creating a song. You’ll learn drum programming, arranging, synthesis, theory, and mixing, using musical building blocks like synth bass, leads, and pads. Finally, you’ll put it all together by creating a structured arrangement for your song with changes and variation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Software layout and sound browsing
  • Playing and performing with drum patterns
  • Step sequencing vs. real-time recording
  • MIDI editing and pattern sequencing
  • Song arrangement
  • Adding effects and automation
  • Synthesis fundamentals with Massive
  • Beginner mixing techniques for EQ and compression
  • Creating custom sounds, saving, and exporting

Course Goal

Complete a fully arranged and mixed song, containing multiple drum patterns and synth parts. Create this song utilizing all aspects of the hardware controller.