Raz’s attention to sophisticated rhythms, sounds, low end, and performance methods has had a big impact on all of us, and it’s been great being part of a community united by Raz’s approach to music.

Nick L.

Think outside the DAW.

Raz Mesinai will teach you advanced concepts and a unique approach to producing and performance with an entirely original sonic palette.

Re-discover your sound.

If you are a producer or performer with some experience, this course will teach and guide you to a brand new way of working with the tools you may already be using. Learn how to create a library of original sounds, which you will use to create your own unique musical style.

Featured Course

Advanced Music Production and Performance with Raz Mesinai

Three levels / 12 sessions

In this intensive course with a unique approach, Mesinai teaches students powerful concepts that can be applied to all DAWs and musical styles. Students learn to develop their own specialized sound libraries and original effects, create well-developed compositions, utilize advanced processing and sound design techniques, and build a unique setup for the studio or live performance. If you are an experienced musician looking to broaden your scope and discover your own voice, this is the course for you.