Ableton, a German company headquartered in Berlin, is comprised of one hundred software developers, executives, marketers and product specialists that are known internally as “Abletons.” The company is headed by Chief Executive Officer Gerhard Behles and Chief Technology Officer Bernd Roggendorf, the company’s original founders, and Jan Bohl, Ableton’s Chief Operating Officer. Most of the “Abletons” are active in music production, performance or DJing which allows them to actively contribute to the development of the company’s flagship product, Live.

Live, debuted in 2001, as one of the first programs specifically developed for live computer performance. Live’s took the market by storm with its streamlined interface, ease-of-use, and unique method of liquidizing audio so that it could be manipulated in new ways. In fact, the program was so revolutionary in its approach it quickly overtook Sonic Foundry’s Acid, the current loop-based, music production leader.

As Ableton’s sole focus, Live quickly developed with a new version debuting practically every year. As Live evolved from simply a program for live computer performance into a full-fledged music production workstation, Ableton also cultivated their user base by creating public beta testing and establishing a vibrant online community. As one of the first manufacturers to embrace a dedicated product user forum, the company was able to receive user feedback in real time. Many of the work flow reports and feature requests ended up in the next version of the program.

As one of only a handful of Ableton Certified Training Centers in the world, Dubspot is committed to educating their students on how to use this dynamic and intuitive music production software now and into the future.

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Native Instruments

Native Instruments is a true pioneer in the field of software instruments, and now hardware interfaces for their specialized products. As one of the market leaders of computer-based audio production technology, the company’s mission is to develop outstanding tools for musicians, guitarists, producers, sound designers and DJs of all styles and genres.

Native Instruments debuted their first product for computer-based, real-time sound synthesis in 1996. Since then, the company’s instruments and tools have inspired entire musical genres and defined the sound of countless professional productions. Native Instruments products combine outstanding sound quality with far-reaching sonic possibilities and aesthetic interface design with usability. Three internal divisions at Native focus on the Instruments, Guitar and DJ markets, which allows the company to develop powerful and creative solutions for the diverse needs of today’s musicians and producers. It would be a disservice not to mention NI’s persuasive marketing department whose “take no prisoners” attitude has allowed them to promote their provocative offerings in every corner of the world.

Today, Native Instruments offers an extensive product range covering the whole field of digital music creation, including the modular sound design software Reaktor; inspirational synthesizers such as Absynth and Massive; versatile sampling instruments like Kontakt and Battery; authentic vintage emulations like the B4 and Akoustik Piano; the creative digital guitar studio Guitar Rig; KORE, the revolutionary host system; and Traktor, a digital DJ mixing solution that takes the concept of mixing to the next level. Native Instruments also maintains a partnership with Beatport, the leading digital download network for club music on the Internet.

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Rane & Serato

Rane Corporation is an established innovator in providing problem-solving professional audio tools with unparalleled reliability. It was founded and incorporated in 1981 in Washington State. Serato Audio Research, a software developer specializing in audio production and performance tools, was founded in 1998 by Stephen West and AJ Bertenshaw in Auckland, New Zealand. Together, Rane and Serato have produced some of the highest quality, industry standard hardware and software.

In 1999, Serato commanded the attention of the world stage with the release of the high quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting AudioSuite software plug-in for the Pro Tools platform called Pitch ’n Time. The plug-in was highly successful and quickly became an industry standard. It remains the preferred tool in screen and production studios around the world.

Serato continued to impress with the release of the popular vinyl emulation software, Scratch Live in 2004. The system allows DJs to mix and scratch files from their computer using regular turntables or CDJs and was quickly adopted by some of the top artists in the world. The software required the use of an external sound card to capture audio of the timecoded audio. For this they teamed up with Rane Corporation. Rane developed the USB based SL1 and Serato developed the necessary control records.The software is recognized as a leader in the field of Digital DJing and continues to be developed successfully.

In 2007 Serato premiered their video scratch technology which allows Scratch Live DJs to mix video with incredible effects and transitions. This was released as a plug-in called Video-SL at NAMM show in January 2008.

Rane hardware and Serato software are renowned for their unparalleled sonic quality and intuitive user interfaces.

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iZotope is a research-driven audio technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its award-winning products and audio technologies are used by millions of people in over 50 countries, from consumers to musicians to major film, TV, and radio studios. Some of the diverse clients include musical giants like BT, Depeche Mode, and RZA of WuTang Clan; radio stations like Boston’s iconic WGBH; and TV programming like CBS’s Survivor, the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, the World Cup broadcast, and the GRAMMY awards. Through an extensive licensing program, iZotope technology is also directly integrated into products made by industry-leaders such as Adobe, Avid, and Sony; video games from companies like Harmonix and Ubisoft; as well as a growing number of mobile phone applications.

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Novation make gear for you to play, create and perform music; Novation specializes in designing analog modeling synthesizers and high quality MIDI keyboards and controllers, including the Launchpad Range of Ableton Live controllers, the publicly revered ‘SL MkII’ keyboard series, the Nova range and Bass Station II synthesizers, and most recently, Circuit, a 2 part synth, 4 part drum machine self contained groove box. Novation products are designed by musicians/producers who use the gear they design every day, and are always looking for fresh ideas. This is the reason bedroom producers and A-list artists alike use Novation hardware: because it has been designed by and for musicians. From the recording studio to the DJ booth, these products are freeing musicians to create and perform with their own workflow.

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Pioneer Products, globally considered “The Industry Standard” for their popularity and quality, produces gear utilizing some of the most cutting-edge technology ever offered to the DJ market. From the revolutionary DVJ-X1, the world’s first DVD turntable to the next generation of the most popular CD turntable ever with the introduction of the CDJ-1000MK3, Pioneer continues to lead the DJ industry with products that change the face of pro audio.

Pioneer leads the professional DJ equipment industry with innovative products like the World’s First digital vinyl turntable and the World’s First DVD turntable allowing DJs to spin, scratch and otherwise manipulate CDs and DVDs.

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From producing the first synthesizer in Japan, to pioneering the Kaoss brand of hands-on effects control, to immortalizing famous synths in iOS, Korg has been at the forefront of music technology. The creators at Korg’s home base in Tokyo, Japan strive to bring to market products that are not only cutting edge, but also extremely user-friendly, inspirational, and of the highest quality.

Over the past 50 years, Korg products have been famously used by artists across every imaginable genre. Korg has come to offer digital and analog synthesizers (e.g. MicroKorg and MS-20Mini), touchpad synthesizers and effects (e.g. Kaoss), workstations (e.g. Kronos), performance keyboards (e.g. King Korg and SV1 Stage Piano), MIDI control surfaces (e.g. NanoSeries2 and PadKontrol), analog sequencers (e.g. Volca Series), music apps (e.g. iMS-20 and iElectribe) and much more!

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Keith McMillen Instruments

Keith McMillen Instruments is a private company based in Berkeley, CA developing innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways. KMI products provide today’s modern musician with the tools needed to bring new dimensions of expression and control to their performance. KMI believes that when a computer is played as a musical instrument it should feel and respond like one, with all the nuance and sensitivity that makes an instrument musical.

New technology inspires new art, and KMI products help enable performers expand their music in directions never before possible.

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AIAIAI is a Danish audio design company dedicated to developing high-quality audio products for DJs, DJ/producers, and music professionals. Contributing to Denmark’s worldwide reputation as leaders in acoustic and electro-acoustic design and engineering, AIAIAI creates modern, minimalist headphones and earphones with clear, amplified sound. Built around a network of renowned industrial designers, audio technicians, and leading DJs and producers, AIAIAI boasts a unique and highly collaborative product development process, resulting in high-performance audio products that deliver value far beyond trend-driven aesthetics.

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MONO was founded by Daniel Kushner in the spring of 2006, on the ferry boat between Sausalito and San Francisco, to be exact. A self-taught drummer of over 15 years and a professional industrial designer, Daniel launched MONO to merge his love for music and design with a vision of creating innovative products for a new generation of modernist musicians.

The company’s official launch at the 2007 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim California was met with overwhelming success in the form of international distribution, artist endorsements and grassroots support from the music community.

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Founded in 1946, Stanton Magnetics is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile DJs and turntablists. The company’s product range includes turntables, high-performance cartridges, CD players, DJ mixers, accessories and FinalScratch — a breakthrough system which allows DJs to play, mix and scratch music files from their computers using standard turntables.

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Based near Munich, Germany, Ultrasone AG has been manufacturing headphones for the audio market for over 17 years, during which time the company has developed and applied for more than 60 patents for its innovative technology. The company’s unique, patented S-Logic technology creates natural surround sound without the use of additional electronic devices.

Ultrasone headphones represent a safer listening experience by reducing sound pressure on the ear drum by up to 40% and also by offering shielding from EMF radiation up to 98% through the use of patented ULE (ultra low emission) technology.

Every DJ workstation at Dubspot contains a pair of Ultrasone DJ headphones, which our students revere for their sound quality, comfort and radiation shielding.

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Oyaide Elec.

Oyaide Elec. Co., Ltd, was originally established in 1952 as a cable specialized store in Akihabara, TOKYO, and now a brand manufactures hi-quality audio cables / accessories based on long-time experience and knowledge as a cable specialist.

And in 2008, as the second brand of OYAIDE, we started “NEO” more specifically aiming at providing not only high-quality but also studio-friendly products for all kinds of sound professionals such as musicians, producers, DJs, techs and engineers.

In addition to standard microphone and instrument cables, we variously produce such as multi-snakes, digital cables of SPDIF and AES/EBU, power cables and data-transmission cables of USB and FireWire.

And d+ series, innovatively designed mainly for club DJs and sound creators, are now used world-widely at many venues and studios as their first-choice audio cables.

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